Thursday, 17 May 2012

3 Tiny Flashes from NFFD in Trowbridge

These were written at Josephine Corcoran's workshop for NFFD in Trowbridge:

Packing by David Birks
( inspired by Gail Aldwin's story, 'Packing')

1: Tee-shirts x3
Cardigans x2
Trousers x3
Slippers x1
Shoes x1

2: Remove pictures from wall
3: Wrap figurines in bubble wrap
4: Leave TV and TV remote
5: Remember walking frame – to return to social services


9/11 by Debra Milner

On the top floor! What a time to be on the top floor!


Lost Lake by Katherine White 
(Inspired by Dulux Paint Card - idea copyright of Calum Kerr)

Lost lake. To find it you have to dig for it. Clear the creepers, clear the jagged brambles, find the slope dipping away- excitement! Look at the size of it! Imagine it with water, ducks, dancing grebes and wistful cries of coots. Imagine boats, young laughter, picnics on the island. Imagine the water rushing in, a hidden grotto, dark with lichen.
Imagine the man hours to dig it out, the back-breaking toil it will take to restore it to its former glory. Best left.

Lake lost.

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