Tuesday, 15 May 2012

'Je’ t’Adore' by Jenny Fisher

Julie and Tom strolled arm in arm by the river bank.  The Thames was at its best, the sun glinting on the water, the boats gently bobbing up and down.  They perceived a magical ambience.
Julie stopped at a side stall that sold coffee laced with hints of liqueur essences.
‘Look Tom, wouldn’t it be lovely to sit here and have one of those coffees.’
‘Because I adore you so much, we certainly will.’
They sat down and just then the sonorous chimes of Big Ben echoed over the water.  The atmosphere of gentle living and historic surroundings was complete.
To be broken almost immediately by a group of four male teenagers on roller blades. They were skating through the crowds oblivious to everyone except themselves.  Suddenly one careered into another sending him flying into the concrete balustrade.
‘You stupid clot,’ he shouted at the top of his voice.  ‘Watch it, you can’t be trusted on those blades, I almost broke my leg! More lessons are needed here,’
The younger one was very contrite and apologised profusely.
‘I couldn’t help it,’ he was almost whimpering and he was obviously terrified of the other older lad.

Julie and Tom watched this with a mixture of amusement and concern.  Tom walked over to the group and said,
‘How about you all joining us for a drink; it’s my treat.’
The older one looked at him with utter incomprehension,
‘You must be joking’, he said.

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