Tuesday, 1 May 2012

MayDay Flash - 'Craters and Rocks' by Pete Armetta

She pulled into their crumbling and pot-holed driveway. This damn driveway had been like this for years. All that was left were craters and rocks. Ronald had said over and over ad nauseum that he was gonna take care of it.

Pretty much like everything else he never took care of.

The shocks on her old Honda had about had it, and the car bounced and buckled it's way, struggling to get all the way in. Ronald was standing at the screen door, still in his underwear.  "For chrissakes what are you doing out here?" he yelled, swinging the door open. She turned off the car and got out, noticing Bill the next-door-neighbor-man watering his garden.

He was looking in their direction.

Ronald stepped out on the stoop in his bare feet and watched. He pointed his finger and bellowed, "Why the hell are you always so stupid? You're gonna break that car if you keep that up! Just like you bust up everything! You're just good for nothing really you know that?" His big mouth attracted not only Bill but some other neighbors too, in their yards watering their gardens or simply going about their way.

She walked up the steps and slid past him into the house, knowing and not anticipating what was to come.

May Day, May Day, she thought.

Ronald shouted in her face and walked in after her, slamming the door behind him.

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