Tuesday, 15 May 2012

'Boring boring boring' by David Dunford

He was the archetypal anorak. All he ever talked about was the perfect real ale. In all probability he was a very caring person with a wife and kids. But all this talk about ABV’s, Cask conditioning, micro breweries, good colour, nice head, fruity aftertaste on and on and on. For Christ’s sake get out with your mates, have a goodtime and drink the stuff. Get wobbly legged, tell jokes, laugh loud and enjoy a bit of all male company. Stagger home, sleep downstairs to avoid the wife, live with tomorrow’s hangover, go to work feeling rough and tell more mates about last night. Get some flowers for the wife (not chocolates with the diet) on the way home from work and make it up with her so you can do it again next time.
Get a Life!!

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  1. I really enjoyed this. Short and to the point, Very humorous and true to life.