Tuesday, 15 May 2012

'Companionship' by Ray Chiverton

They sat in the pub as they always had done, every week for many years. Same time, same seats. Good friends, best friends. They were rarely maudlin and they never discussed their friendship. They just enjoyed the other’s company and enjoyed having a laugh.

“I wish I could write like Ben Elton, or John Sullivan.” Dave wished for lots of things.

“He’s very funny, Ben Elton” agreed Den. “He can use words as well as be funny. In one episode he managed to get discombobulation into the dialogue. He tried to trick Doctor Johnson with that one.”

“I loved Melchett and the rude words. Crevice was one. Brilliant!”

Den guffawed as they enjoyed the moment. “I like a good crevice now and again” he said, a bit too loud.

“Hey careful” hissed Dave, “there is a family behind you”. 

“I know I know. I saw them. One looked like a retard…..he was wearing a West Ham shirt.” 

The banal humour appealed to then both as they laughed out loud, like they always had done, every week for many years.

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